As we looked at the Scriptures we were convicted by three truths. First, the meaning of church (ekklesia) is assembly (singular). Second, the call of the church is to oneness. This is particularly evident in the metaphors used of the Church throughout the Bible–we are the Family of God, the House of God, the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ, and a New City (all singular pictures). Finally, the incarnation points the way to a physical presence–one place, at one time–of the Son of God, the Cornerstone of the Church.


We also heard from many of you, the members of Church in the Square. You all are serving with incredible regularity and great joy. However we continue to have needs. That means as elders we had to consider if the structure of the ministry was disproportionate to the people of the ministry. This doesn't mean that we should all look forward to not serving as much in the coming season, but rather that the need for serving will better match our membership.

Church Planting

You may be asking, what's stopping us from going back to multiple services if, by God's good grace, more people come to Church in the Square? We are considering the Scriptures first and foremost, not the number of people and seats. Therefore should more people become part of our church we have decided our next move will be to either change our gathering location or start new churches. This will ensure our biblical convictions stay consistent regardless of our numeric growth.